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5.56mm vs. 223

LuckyGunner (who now has a blog) looks at the difference in depth. As in pretty darned serious depth. Good stuff.

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CNCing an AR-15 Lower from Delrin Plastic

Jason at Shall Not Be Questioned followed up on his CNC-milled aluminum AR-15 lower with a CNC-milled Delrin AR-15 lower. How meaningful is gun control in a world of Internet CAD files, CNC machines, and 3D printers?

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Which AR-15 Collapsible Stock is the Toughest?

Military Time GearScout – Buttstock Bashfest: GearScout finds out just how far tough talk goes MagPul stocks take the top two honors. Via Linoge. Bonus! Cheaper Than Dirt’s Best-Selling AR-15s of 2011. I like this Colt SP6920 with MagPul MOE … Continue reading

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History of the AR-15 Forward Assist

Eugene Stoner thought it was a bad idea and the different branches of the armed forces fought over it. See the PDF at that link.

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A survival plan everyone needs

Tam on James Wesley Rawles’ new book: It’s very well organized and focuses on plenty of seemingly mundane and practical things, like food, medicine, communications, dealing with neighbors and forming strong communities, unlike a lot of other “survival manuals” that … Continue reading

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MSNBC claims black man is evidence of white people being racist

A black guy who doesn’t like Obama shows up at a political protest with an AR-15 rifle and a pistol on his hip. MSNBC runs a clip carefully designed to show the rifle, but not the guy’s black skin. MSNBC … Continue reading

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More 10/22 goodies

Check it out. Ruger 10/22 bullpup conversion with walnut Steyr AUG stock. Practical? Beats me. Pretty nifty, though. FWIW, someone on The High Road had good things to say about the item just below that at the link, their combination … Continue reading

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Impractical but cool guns – the AR-7

Tam started a meme: guns that are impractical, but cool. My pick is the AR-7. It’s cool but not very practical. Why it’s cool It was designed by Eugene Stoner, who designed the AR-15/M-16. Thanks to aluminum and plastic parts … Continue reading

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Back from the Maryville gun show

Went with Uncle. It was a small show, so we walked around it twice. Some of the big guys I expect at the Knoxville shows – Georgia Arms and the people with big display cases of magazines – weren’t there. … Continue reading

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Brownell’s has their AR-15 magazines

Last night I ordered a half dozen Brownell’s 30 round AR-15 magazines. They were listed as backordered, but I received email tonight saying they had shipped. Chris Byrne has a comparison of different AR-15 magazines, and he liked the Brownell’s, … Continue reading

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Pictures and Ruger 10/22 notes from the Manchester, TN Appleseed shoot

Notes and pictures from last weekend’s trip to the Appleseed rifle training class at Arnold Air Force Base in Manchester, TN. Ruger 10/22s Gun-wise, way more than half of the shooters were using the Ruger 10/22. It’s accurate, affordable, shoots … Continue reading

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Ruger 10/22 parts – anything else I need?

I’m getting ready for the Manchester, TN Appleseed shoot September 20-21. I bought a 10/22 a few weeks ago. On Friday I went shooting at Dave D’s. He let me try a couple of his 10/22 builds to see what … Continue reading

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Bought a gun at Wal-Mart for the first time

Next month I’m attending an Appleseed shoot in Manchester, TN. None of my guns is quite right for an Appleseed shoot, and the 10/22 is their recommended gun barring anything else appropriate. Friday I strolled into the sporting goods section … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

Reporters love using the term “assault rifle.” So much so that after the Virginia Tech shooting they called Cho’s Glock an “assault pistol” even though the Glock is by far the most common police handgun in America. Whatever sells papers, … Continue reading

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How to Survive and Prosper in the Coming Scooperocalypse

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