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Corn ethanol – bad for the environment and bad for gas mileage

Blighted harvest: The American corn ethanol disaster: Basic chemistry dictates that gallon for gallon, burning ethanol produces only 2/3 as much energy as burning gasoline. In recent years, Americans have become accustomed to E15 “gasohol” (15% ethanol) at the pumps. … Continue reading

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Shorter Al Gore: “Corn biofuels were a boondoggle I used for political gain”

No kiddin’: Algore apparently had a “Biden Moment” and unwittingly admitted the truth by accident. …”First generation ethanol I think was a mistake. The energy conversion ratios are at best very small.”……”One of the reasons I made that mistake is … Continue reading

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Biofuels – a vote-buying farm subsidy since 1930

News from 1930: “Germany requires gasoline to be blended with 2.5% alcohol to benefit potato farmers.” There wasn’t any environmental rationalization for Germany’s decision in 1930 to require gasoline to contain 2.5% alcohol. The politicians were just throwing the farmers … Continue reading

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Leading biofuels company goes under; Congressmen demand more biofuels

CleanTech Brief – GreenFuel Algae Company Calls It Quits: GreenFuel Technologies, the Harvard-MIT algae company, is ending operations. “We are closing doors. We are a victim of the economy,” Duncan McIntyre at Polaris Venture Partners, which invested in Greenfuel, told … Continue reading

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Ethanol production creates 15% of Iowa’s greenhouse gases

Gas 2.0 – Iowa’s Ethanol Plants Create 15 Percent of its Emissions: The Des Moines Register reported the other day that Iowa’s ethanol plants contribute 15 Percent 7.6 million metric tons out of a total of 52 million metric … Continue reading

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New Scientist: “Forget biofuels – burn oil and plant forests instead”

From the August issue: The reason is that producing biofuel is not a “green process”. It requires tractors and fertilisers and land, all of which means burning fossil fuels to make “green” fuel. In the case of bioethanol produced from … Continue reading

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Rolling Stone: “Ethanol Scam: Ethanol Hurts the Environment And Is One of America’s Biggest Political Boondoggles”

Even the pinko liberal Democrat hippies at Rolling Stone* admit ethanol as fuel won’t work and will do more harm than good: This is not just hype — it’s dangerous, delusional bullshit. Ethanol doesn’t burn cleaner than gasoline, nor is … Continue reading

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“Results 1 – 10 of about 4,370,000 English pages for hubris”?

It’s official: Google is buying YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock. Last week HDNet founder Mark Cuban said that “anyone who buys YouTube is a moron” because of the copyright infringement liability. “They are just breaking the law,” Cuban told … Continue reading

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WSJ Calls for Congress to Eliminate Ethanol Tariff

Big discussion over at Slashdot. Editorial here. One irony of the current gas panic is that big oil companies are being pilloried for their profits, but domestic ethanol producers get a pass. Yet the ethanol makers receive more government subsidies … Continue reading

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A Critique of Agricultural Ethanol

Ethanol: A Tragedy in 3 Acts, in Business Week, takes a critical look at the history of using agriculturally-derived ethanol as a fuel adjunct in the U.S. Via Instapundit. Shortly thereafter, in yet another attempt to broaden the product’s usage, … Continue reading

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Energy Return on Energy Investment (Energy Net Yield)

The recent spike in gas prices has people talking about alternative energy again. Here’s a concept I was vaguely aware of: energy return on investment – the ratio of energy outputs to entergy inputs. For oil, the ratio is around … Continue reading

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An Alcohol Energy Economy?

AEI is touting the potential of alcohol as an automotive fuel to supplement oil. The largest producers of both ethanol and methanol are all in the western hemisphere, with the United States having by far the greatest production potential for … Continue reading

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Energy Bill and Ethanol

The new energy bill that passed the House has subsidies for ethanol. Ethanol is a renewable energy source made from grain. It can be made in the U.S. from excess corn. Sounds good, right? But ethanol has lots of problems. … Continue reading

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