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China and Brazil Opening Currency Swaps to Bypass U.S. Dollars

Zero Hedge – The USD Trap Is Closing: Dollar Exclusion Zone Crosses The Pacific As Brazil Signs China Currency Swap

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Japan and China Drop Dollar for Mutual Trade

The Golden Truth – Is the Bell Tolling for the U.S. Dollar? I bring this up because a news item was announced late Friday evening [this was on May 29th - LJ], after most people has shut their business eyes … Continue reading

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US Debt to GDP Passes 101%

Zero Hedge – As US Debt To GDP Passes 101%, The Global Debt Ponzi Enters Its Final Stages Most people still think of China as buying our debt, but China is unloading U.S. debt. The biggest buyer of U.S. debt … Continue reading

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China’s Fake Disneyland is Saddest Place on Earth; Thomas Friedman Hardest Hit

China’s Deserted “Fake Disneyland”: Situated on an area of around 100 acres, and 45 minutes drive from the center of Beijing, are the ruins of ‘Wonderland’. Construction stopped more than a decade ago, with developers promoting it as ‘the largest … Continue reading

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Claim: China’s economy on edge of collapse, Thomas Friedman hardest hit

Chinese TV Host Says Regime Nearly Bankrupt. Secondly, that the regime’s officially published inflation rate of 6.2 percent is fabricated. The real inflation rate is 16 percent, according to Lang. Thirdly, that there is serious excess capacity in the economy, … Continue reading

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Backdoors in Chinese-made Defense Chips

Business Insider – The Navy Bought Fake Chinese Microchips That Could Have Disarmed U.S. Missiles: Last year, the U.S. Navy bought 59,000 microchips for use in everything from missiles to transponders and all of them turned out to be counterfeits … Continue reading

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China top buyer of gold, even though it can’t be made into delicious egg fu young

Wall Street Journal – China Is Now Top Gold Bug: Chinese investors are snapping up gold bars and coins, buying more than ever before in the first quarter of 2011 and overtaking Indian buyers as the world’s biggest purchasers of … Continue reading

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China finds $268 billion in Treasuries under couch cushions

China’s holdings of US debt jump 30 percent: China, the biggest buyer of U.S. Treasury securities, owns a lot more than previously estimated. In an annual revision of the figures, the Treasury Department said Monday that China’s holdings totaled $1.16 … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh on Hu Jintao’s White House Dinner

“The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Winner hosted a dinner for the guy holding the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Winner in prison and the media does not get the irony of this at all.” – Rush Limbaugh I’m not a big … Continue reading

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Nobel Peace Prize winners who weren't allowed to collect their prize

It’s a short list. “By the way, here are the people who have been unable to travel to Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Prize: Ossietzky, the German, in 1936; Sakharov, the Russian, in 1975; Walesa, the Pole, in 1983; … Continue reading

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China Censoring Text Messages About Dissident Liu Xiaobo Winning Nobel Peace Prize

says Seth Roberts, who is in-country.

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China May Have Mother of All Real Estate Bubbles

BusinessInsider – There Are Now Enough Vacant Properties In China To House Over Half Of America. Chris Martenson -  Guest Post: The Two Keys to Understanding China’s Housing Bubble: My wife and I are fortunate to have a network of … Continue reading

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Google switches Gmail to https by default

Information Week – Google: We’re Encrypting Everyone’s Gmail Automatically: Whether or not the timing of this announcement has anything to do with Google’s recent actions in the Chinese market is unknown. The company today said that it is switching Gmail … Continue reading

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Money trouble in Big China

Telegraph – China has now become the biggest risk to the world economy “The inherent problems of the international economic system have not been fully addressed,” said China’s president Hu Jintao. Indeed not. China is still exporting overcapacity to the … Continue reading

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China moves to become a global currency

Telegraph – China calls time on dollar hegemony You can date the end of dollar hegemony from China’s decision last month to sell its first batch of sovereign bonds in Chinese yuan to foreigners. Beijing does not need to raise … Continue reading

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