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Climategate II – Longer, Harder, Uncut Emails

More emails, more bitchy scientific gossip, and more white labcoat backstabbing: You know what you get when you mix science and politics? You get politics, period. Hockey Stick Charlatan Michael Mann gets the worst of it from this batch of … Continue reading

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The Emperor’s New Science

Seth Roberts reviews The Hockey Stick Illusion.

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So much for that peer-reviewed climate science

Reason – Climategate Update: About That Peer-Reviewed Stuff The Daily Telegraph is reporting that claims of rigorous peer-review [in the IPCC report] may have been exaggerated: a new study put this claim to the test. A team of 40 researchers … Continue reading

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NASA/GISS has been adjusting temperatures since 2000

Thanks to emails revealed via FOIA requests, we now know that NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies has been adjusting satellite temperature data since 2000. But adjusting temperatures which way? Down? Sideways? In three-dimensional space? I’m kidding. Of course they … Continue reading

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Climategate’s Phil Jones publicly admits: No statistically significant warming for past 15 years

Link. I say publicly because he admitted it privately in emails that were exposed during Climategate. And from Ann Althouse: To talk about “sceptics” as the ones who will “seize” upon “evidence” of flaws is unwittingly to make global warming … Continue reading

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Shannon Love on Problems with Peer-reviewed Science

ChicagoBoyz – Scientific Peer-Review is a Lightweight Process: By the way that proponents of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) wave it about as a talisman to ward off criticism, a lay person could be excused for thinking that peer review … Continue reading

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Climategate – the Timeline

That’s one gem from this amazing, extensively-footnoted PDF. The more you see of the data that was supposed to document warming the more pathetic it looks. EDIT: Did I say “pathetic”? I apologize. I meant to say “fraudulent.” Via Insty.

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Disappearing the Medieval Warm Period in Wikipedia

“If a consensus of the majority is all it takes to determine what is right, then having and controlling information becomes extraordinarily important.” Masamune Shirow Financial Post – Wikipedia’s climate doctor: All told, (U.K. scientist and Green Party activist … Continue reading

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Send that climate data to the Siberian gulag

WattsUpWithThat – Russian IEA claims CRU tampered with climate data cherrypicked warmest stations: Climategate has already affected Russia. On Tuesday, the Moscow-based Institute of Economic Analysis (IEA) issued a report claiming that the Hadley Center for Climate Change based … Continue reading

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Vee haf vayz of making zee climate data talk, yah?

Pajamas Media – Climategate: Something’s Rotten in Denmark and East Anglia, Asheville, and New York City: In this story, see how Central Park data was manipulated in inconsistent ways. The original U.S. Historical Climate Network (USHCN) data showed a … Continue reading

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Tales from the Climategate File

IPCC hid the decline by hiding part of their graph: Steve Schnieder claims the IPCC didn’t use the now-discredited hockey stick as part of the evidence for the IPCC report. Roger Pielke corrects him. Inconvenient truth for Al Gore as … Continue reading

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Torturing (I mean “homogenizing”) Nashville’s climate data

WattsUpWithThat – Would You Like Your Temperature Data Homogenized, or Pasteurized? So what would appear to be a general cooling trend over the past ~130 years at this location when using the unadjusted HadCRUT3 data, becomes a warming trend when … Continue reading

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All the news that’s fit to not upset aging baby boomers

Edgelings – An Obituary for Obituaries: Newspapers too, seem to have figured out a way to limp along at least for another couple decades (at which point there will be no one left in the country who has actually read … Continue reading

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If you torture climate data it tells you whatever you want

WattsUpWithThat – The Smoking Gun At Darwin Zero: YIKES! Before getting homogenized, temperatures in Darwin were falling at 0.7 Celcius per century but after the homogenization, they were warming at 1.2 Celcius per century. And the adjustment that they … Continue reading

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Follow the global warming money

WattsUpWithThat – Quote of the week Krugman’s LOL on skeptics: Noel Sheppard writes: Skeptics get almost equal time in the media? Yeah, that’s why this appears to be the first time ABC addressed this ClimateGate issue. As for there … Continue reading

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