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Your Virgin Olive Oil is a Slut: Mislabeling Meat, Fish, Honey, Olive Oil, Wasabi and Kobe Beef

So in Europe they’re discovering grocery store goods and cafeteria meals containing horsemeat instead of beef. Hey, that’s why school kids call it mystery meat, amirite? But horsemeat for meat isn’t the only thing being adulterated. It’s just the most … Continue reading

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For reasons too mysterious to explain, unseen forces beyond my control compel me not to blog

But mostly it’s being busy and having a cold.  

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Encyclopedia Brown and the Mystery of “Who Farted?”

Encyclopedia Brown author Donald Sobol has passed away. As a tribute I dug up this Encyclopedia Brown fanfic I wrote but never posted as a response to a comment Jim Collins made in this long-gone Nashville is Talking blog post. … Continue reading

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Alleged libeller outed by alleged skank

Robert X. Cringely – Skanks for nothing: Google must identify ‘anonymous’ blogger. Yesterday a U.S. federal judge ruled that Google must turn over the name of an anonymous blogger who took a severe disliking to aging supermodel Liskula Cohen. The … Continue reading

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