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Justified Tuesday – Who is Drew Thompson?

Last week’s previews hinted that we’d discover Drew Thompson’s identity in tonight’s episode. Who do you think Drew Thompson is? Here’s what we know about Thompson: He was involved in the incident where a parachutist fell to his death with … Continue reading

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Justified Tuesday – Gangstagrass

Long Hard Times to Come (used as Justified’s theme): I’m Gonna Put You Down: Nobody Gonna Miss Me: Long Hard Times to Come lyrics

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Justified Tuesday – What’s the Badger Game Lindsey Talked About?

In episode 3, Lindsey reveals to Raylan that she and her ex-husband stole from people and that they specifically used something called a badger game. The next weekend I watched a 1941 movie, Shadow of the Thin Man, that mentioned … Continue reading

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Justified Tuesday: Is Justified the Best Crime Show on TV?

Andrew Klavan thinks so. That sounds right. When I found out a friend doesn’t watch Justified I always tell them that it’s good enough to be an HBO show. The main competitor in crime shows would be HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. … Continue reading

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Hey Justified Fans – the Pouch and the Parachutist

So what do you think the deal is with the bag in the wall? Here’s what we know so far: In the season opening scene we see a flashback to a parachutist crashing into the street. The only thing in … Continue reading

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FX’s “Justified” is Having an Awesome Season

Just watched this week’s episode of Justified. This season rocks a bunch. Great plot lines and really fantastic villains. I subscribe to Dave Campbell’s theory that great villains make for great heroes and great drama. Villains that are lame pushovers … Continue reading

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What’s on TV?

Justified – Timothy Olpyphant (Seth Bullock from “Deadwood”) as U.S. Marshal Raylin Givens, fighting the meth wars in Harlan, Kentucky. Above average show in every way. The writers will put together great characters knowing they’ll be killed off at the … Continue reading

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For Fans of FX’s Justified

“Lost” blogger Jo Garfein is blogging about “Justified,” which started its second season last night. And in a crossover, Jeremy Davis (Daniel Faraday on Lost) is on Justified this season. Lots of Justified coverage here. (LATER: And the other Lost … Continue reading

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