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Whatever Happened to Peak Oil?

Remembering “Peak Oil” Madness: Contrary to some predictions that world oil production has peaked or will soon do so, Maugeri projects that output should grow from the current 93 million barrels per day to 110 million barrels per day by … Continue reading

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Get Ready for a Recession

Sunny Fact #1 – High energy prices are often leading indicators of recessions Sunny Fact #2 – As of this week, gas prices have never been higher EIA.gov data includes September, 2012 and confirms that we’re at the highest inflation-adjusted … Continue reading

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Federal Reserve decides to raise the price of gold and silver

Yesterday the Federal Reserve announced a new round of quantitative easing, AKA money printing. The Fed plans to purchase $40 billion mortgage-backed securities (MBS) from banks and other lenders every month indefinitely. The Fed is supposedly doing this to encourage … Continue reading

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Turkey Trades Gold for Iranian Oil

Who needs dollars when the two of you have real stuff that you both want?

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Baltic Dry Index Hits 25 Year Low

Wall Street Journal – Baltic Dry, Dr. Copper Flashing Warning Signs: Also, the Baltic Dry Index, which tracks the shipping rates for bulk commodities, had sunk to 647 on Feb. 3, the lowest level in more than 25 years, before … Continue reading

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OUT: Paying with Dollars IN: Paying with PayPal, Gold

Internet Retailer – Home Depot to roll out PayPal in stores nationwide: Six weeks after The Home Depot Inc. began testing in-store PayPal acceptance, the national hardware chain has set a schedule to make the payment method an option in … Continue reading

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High oil prices causing stress on the economy

Gas prices highest ever at this time of year Senate Passes Payroll Tax Extension, Gas Price Increase Has Already Offset Benefits Via Glenn Reynolds.

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Chris Martensen: High oil prices are a cause of recessions; at these prices economy can’t heal

Chris Martensen -  Why Our Currency Will Fail: Also note in the most recent data that oil prices happen to be at roughly the same level that triggered the first recession in 2008 (the purple dotted line). If we needed … Continue reading

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Did High Oil Prices Cause the 2008 Recession? What About the 2005-2006 Housing Market Collapse?

It’s a theory. One that’s better explored here. I’m curious about how this ties in to the housing story. The U.S. housing bubble peaked in 2005-2006. That was before the 2007-2008 oil shock, but gas prices were trending very high … Continue reading

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Gold hits record; Silver takes out $38, $39, $40, $41

It was a good week for precious metals. This week gold hit at an all-time nominal high of $1476.20. Silver opened Monday below $38 and closed Friday at $40.97. In between it touched $41.03. That’s the highest silver price since … Continue reading

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Physical oil vs. paper oil markets

From iTulip.com: See also paper gold vs. physical gold. This seems to a symptom of the monetization, securitization, and trade in everything. The artificial financial market is overpowering the natural market forces for the physical entity. It’s as if there … Continue reading

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