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Why I practice preparedness but am not into “survivalism” #187

Actual article on the front page of Survivalblog.com today: Raising Guinea Pigs as a Survival Food. I try not to judge. Different people fall at different points on the preparedness spectrum. Some people surely think I’m paranoid because I own … Continue reading

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Emergency AM/FM/WB Radios and Other Preparedness for Old Man Winter

The little snow this weekend reminds me that it’s time to talk about winter preparedness. For Christmas we gave a lot of these Eton-Red Cross AM/FM/Weatherband crank-solar radio/flashlight/cell phone chargers $35) paired with Sterno 55 hour emergency candles ($6). They … Continue reading

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Emergency TV (is that an oxymoron?)

I mentioned getting a Haier 7″ LCD for doing DSLR video work. I forgot to mention that it’s originally designed to be used as a portable TV. It comes with a remote control, is digital ready, and can be plugged … Continue reading

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Energizer WeatherReady LED Lanterns

After a little power outage on Labor Day we decided to buy LED lanterns. Our rechargeable fluorescent lanterns always seem a little disappointing. Today I picked up a couple of these Energizer LED lanterns in the checkout aisle at Home … Continue reading

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Hiking Boots, Pajamas, DC Power and Propane

I’m in pajamas and hiking boots today. Comfy, but ready to go outside once I add a Gore-tex parka and a ball cap. I’ve been outside playing with the girls, sledding, shoveling snow off the driveway, and laying down salt … Continue reading

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A survival plan everyone needs

Tam on James Wesley Rawles’ new book: It’s very well organized and focuses on plenty of seemingly mundane and practical things, like food, medicine, communications, dealing with neighbors and forming strong communities, unlike a lot of other “survival manuals” that … Continue reading

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Swine flu news

First, your daily snapshot of the Google Map for swine flu infections. Yesterday’s map and swine flu post here. Quick tip: all of these posts are tagged with “swine flu”. You can access all of them by clicking on the … Continue reading

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More chainsaw advice

In response to my bleg for chainsaw advice Richard Calderwood sent this, which I’m reposting with his permission. – LJ Hey Les I’m a Portland city slicker, but I own a couple hundred acres in NE Arizona and have … Continue reading

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Bleg: Chainsaw advice

Dear Lazyweb, I’m ready to buy a gasoline chainsaw. I’ve only used one a couple of times so I plan to take a class. Any advice to get started? Price isn’t the main consideration. I’m not looking to buy the … Continue reading

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W.C. Varone on gold, guns, and food

“The thing about being a survivalist kook and stockpiling gold, guns, and food is that there’s no downside. Even if you’re wrong, you’ve still got gold, guns, and food.” – W.C. Versone Heh. I love me some guns and we’ve … Continue reading

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Husky Power Box

I used some of this month’s daddy money* to buy one of these Husky powerboxes the other day. It strikes me as a handy thing for boosting a car battery, inflating a tire, or running home electronics during a blackout. … Continue reading

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Inexpensive Alternatives to Emergency Generators

Phil at Random Nuclear Strikes offers his lessons learned from two winter days without power. It’s a great read all the way through, but I found one part especially interesting: But the absolute star of the show was this item … Continue reading

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Power Inverters

One of the things on my emergency supplies list is a power inverter. Here’s a little info I’ve found in a first pass online. Don Rowe’s Power Inverter FAQs Using an Inverter for Emergency Home Backup Power How to Choose … Continue reading

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Emergency Supplies

In light of Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans I’ve been thinking about emergency plans for the Jones family. My main concern is being caught in a blizzard like the one we had in 1994, with the potential loss of power, … Continue reading

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