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Tech-sights on the Ruger 10/22

Recent 10/22s are drilled and tapped for scope mounts and the rear part of the Tech-Sight uses those holes in the receiver. Just remove the protective screws from the receiver, put a little Loc-tite on the new screws, and screw … Continue reading

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USFA Sees Ruger’s New 10 Shot Revolver, Raises Them 2 Shots

Just when you think everything has been done with a revolver… Ruger introduces the Single Ten, a 10 shot version of the Single Six. And U.S. Firearms one ups them with the 12-shot 12/22. Previously – U.S. Firearms Wants Summa … Continue reading

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Bedding a 10/22 barreled action

Bookmarking this for reference. Last summer I used sandpaper and free time on the porch to freefloat my Ruger 10/22 barrel (picture above). A dollar bill wrapped around the barrel slides freely from the muzzle all the way back to … Continue reading

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Word of the Day: Gresham’s Law

Wikipedia: Gresham’s law is commonly stated: “Bad money drives out good.” This law applies specifically when there are two forms of commodity money in circulation which are required by legal-tender laws to be accepted as having similar face values for … Continue reading

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More 10/22 goodies

Check it out. Ruger 10/22 bullpup conversion with walnut Steyr AUG stock. Practical? Beats me. Pretty nifty, though. FWIW, someone on The High Road had good things to say about the item just below that at the link, their combination … Continue reading

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Impractical but cool guns – the AR-7

Tam started a meme: guns that are impractical, but cool. My pick is the AR-7. It’s cool but not very practical. Why it’s cool It was designed by Eugene Stoner, who designed the AR-15/M-16. Thanks to aluminum and plastic parts … Continue reading

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Tuff Products Revolver Quick Strips

I’ve sometimes used Bianchi Speed Strips for holding revolver ammo. For me they’re not as fast as speedloaders, but they’re flat so in some cases they’re easier to carry. Jay G has videos demonstrating both. Thing is, Speed Strips are … Continue reading

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Appleseed schedule for 2009

Appleseed 2009 schedule right here. In Tennessee there are multiple weekends in the cities of Manchester, Puryear, and Kingsport. I went to the Manchester shoot last year. Kingsport is much closer and I have relatives on my wife’s side there, … Continue reading

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Tech Sights has aperture sights for the Marlin 60 and 795

Right here. I like aperture sights and I like Tech Sights replacement aperture sights. I have a set on my Ruger 10/22 and one day I’ll get some for my Yugo 59/66 SKS. Here are my installation instructions for Ruger … Continue reading

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Peeling paint on stainless Ruger 10/22 receiver

When I bought my stainless Ruger 10/22 I expected to have to refinish the receiver at some point. The barrel is stainless, but the finish on the aluminum receiver is just silver paint of some sort. The reason I expected … Continue reading

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Natural point of aim – aiming with your feet instead of your hands

Someone emailed me a question: “You mentioned in one of your Appleseed Shoot writeups about ‘aiming with your feet.’ Could you please elaborate on that?” Sure. This is all part of the natural point of aim, which is the body … Continue reading

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Pictures and Ruger 10/22 notes from the Manchester, TN Appleseed shoot

Notes and pictures from last weekend’s trip to the Appleseed rifle training class at Arnold Air Force Base in Manchester, TN. Ruger 10/22s Gun-wise, way more than half of the shooters were using the Ruger 10/22. It’s accurate, affordable, shoots … Continue reading

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Home from Appleseed

The Appleseed shoot was lots of fun and I learned more than I expected. I met Oleg Volk the first day and picked his brain about cameras. He already has pics up. I qualified marksman the first day. I had … Continue reading

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Ruger 10/22 buying advice

Some advice on buying a Ruger 10/22 sent in by a “humble reader” who prefers to go nameless. Either go with a 18″ barrel or (if you can find them) a 20″ or 22″ barrel. The latter is for increased … Continue reading

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Ruger 10/22 parts – anything else I need?

I’m getting ready for the Manchester, TN Appleseed shoot September 20-21. I bought a 10/22 a few weeks ago. On Friday I went shooting at Dave D’s. He let me try a couple of his 10/22 builds to see what … Continue reading

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