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Dow Hits Record High in Dollars, 20 Year Low in Ounces of Gold

New York Sun – The Fiat Dow: As the Dow Jones Industrial Average edges close to 14,000 let us just remark on the value of the famous index in ounces of gold. It may be that 14,000 is nearly twice … Continue reading

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Greece Default, Credit Default Swaps, and the Recent Stock Market Gains

Charles Hugh Smith thinks they’re related.

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Stocks more overvalued than in 1929

Couple things. One, we haven’t seen a correction below the long-term trend line in the last 20 years. You have to wonder if we’re due for a bigger correction than 2008. Two, we’re now well above the 2008 market levels … Continue reading

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W.C. Varone on gold, guns, and food

“The thing about being a survivalist kook and stockpiling gold, guns, and food is that there’s no downside. Even if you’re wrong, you’ve still got gold, guns, and food.” – W.C. Versone Heh. I love me some guns and we’ve … Continue reading

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